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When business is all about relationship, which always impregnate an opportunity, INSTER catalyzes the growth of relationship from an opportunity and vice versa.In a world where technology supersedes and eliminates even the faintest whiff of traditional concepts, INSTER offers the technological bridging between a vendor and their customers that can lead to billions of mutual connections – All within the simplicity of a click. INSTER is the brain child of Instigator E-Supporting Services (P) Ltd., a start-up unit registered under the Kerala Start Up Mission, with a vision of bringing easiness in the entire process of shopping. INSTER place itself in the dashboard of easy shopping and delivery platform. With the help of its innovative and cutting-edge technology, and extensive delivery service, our application is designed to deliver a host of benefits to our users that include ease of ordering, live order tracking, prompt deliveries, availing discounts and bundled offers, all from the comfort of your couch and amid your hectic work schedules.

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COVI-SMELL Checker Kit

₹ 99.00

Product Features

Self – Screening of COVID-19 infection

COVI-SMELL: COVID-19 Anosmia Checker is a quantitative screening tool for COVID-19 related olfactory dysfunction or altered smell perception..

Screening at entry points such as airports, border control points etc.

This kit can be used for first-line screening to trace out COVID-19 infection effectively. No special training is required to use this tool. Result can be interpreted using downloadable INSTER COVI-SMELL Application in your mobile phone.

Community Screening for COVID-19

Self-testing of olfactory function is difficult to standardize across locations, cultures and scenarios by asking participants to test themselves with household items like flowers, soap etc

Confirmation and quantification of olfactory dysfunction

Clearly quantitative assessment of smell perception (e.g., hyposmia) is not feasible in the case of self-reporting. Moreover, subjective bias is an added disadvantage to this way of assessing smell perception dysfunction..

More Features

This tool seeks to assess a combination of parameters that includes

Odor threshold

Minimum strength of an odor that can be perceived

Odor discrimination

Differentiation between different odors.

Odor identification

Identification of different Odors

Identification of Anosmia/Hyposmia

Capable of identifying a quantitative reduction in smell (anosmia/hyposmia) as well as qualitative changes in smell

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